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  • Liquivision

    Liquivision located in Canada develops and strives to be a leader in the 'high performance' diving computers. All the Liquivision diving computers are with a full OLED screen. Menus are easily navigated, and ...

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  • Analox

    The market in diving is changing. Diving with different mixtures is becoming more regular. So we were in need of a trustworthy partner. We have chosen Analox to be that partner. Analox  has grown since 1981 with a ...

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  • Fourth element

    Fourth element specializes in undergarments with unique thermal properties. Carefully chosen hi-tech materials ensure fast thermal properties, fast wicking and functionality. Diving has never been more comfortable.


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  • Ocean Management Systems

    Ocean Management Systems has been around since 1991. Specializing in technical diving, OMS was the first to come up with the concept of modular diving equipment. Only the best materials are used to make high quality ...

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  • Northern Diver

    Northern Diver has been and still is one of the most competitive and reliable diving brands, ensuring you can enjoy your diving equipment for many years. In the last three decades the diving industry has developed ...

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  • Force Fin

    Force Fins have been designing fins for over 25 years, and with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, they can honestly say that they are the experts in fin design. Force Fins are without equal in terms of ...

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